.The needle should run radially to the platter center *

Pickup should be adjusted so that it is flat against the disc both front and side ways (more information)



Speed between 33.3 and 45 rpm are adjusted by changing the belt position on the pulley.


Excess signal cable is secured within the chassis. - see next slide

The turntable rests on a heavy bearing, which in principle is free of maintenance


Keep the length of the cables that the carriage reaches the start position

Arrange the cables so they do not come into contact with the Lp disc.

On the rear of Continuo there are connections for grounding to amplifier . Connection for 24V AC adapter (included). And two RCA connectors of high quality.

This turntable is equipped with Audio Technica feet and these are available as optional.

These and standard feet are adjustable in height and the turntable should be adjusted so it is completely in level






Adjust stylus pressure by moving the counter weight