Opus3 Continuo with Opus3 Cantus parallel tracking tone arm are handmade in Sweden. The manufacturing started in the beginning of the eighties and the record player has been exported around the world since. The intention from the constructor was to create a record player that could reproduce music as close as possible to the master tapes. This record player can be used with any kind of cartridge. We took over the manufacturing in the beginning of 2012, and our intention is to maintain the ideas and thoughts from the earlier manufacturer (Rauna Opus3) the thing we have done is to improve the finish and quality.

Opus3 Continuo and Opus3 Cantus can be ordered and will be shippet all over the world.

Costumers outside EU or dealers and retailers please contact us for priceinformation at: [email protected]

Opus3 Continuo are available in wood veneer: Ash, Black Ash, Cherry, Oak, Walnut.

High Gloss paint Black and Pearl White. Other veneer or colour can be ordered.

The OPUS 3 “Continuo”, is the result of a lifetime's dedication, to research and development in recording and reproducing the sound and atmosphere of natural, acoustic music and Instruments. It has become widely accepted that the construction of a turntable greatly affects the reproduction quality of the HiFi system, and even with the advent of CD, it is apparent that more of the original performance can be redeemed from an analogue recording. At Opus3 we have the unique combination of experience, in being present at the recording venue, transferring the master tape to the disc, amplifying and reproducing It through the loudspeakers, and re-creating the image in the listening room!

We know that at any split moment in a recording, there is a plethora of micro-sounds, which make up the timbre, dynamics and the three-dimensional presentation of the original sound. This information not only holds the obvious differences between a “sax” and a clarinet say, but also the “spirit” and the “life” of the music (even the “emotion” of the artists). Unfortunately, micro-byte technology has not yet managed to represent these analogue sounds, but the “Opus3 Continuo”, coupled with its partner, the “Opus3 Cantus” parallel tracking arm, HAS!
We are presently using a combination of fibre, and concrete board, which are dense and hence almost resonance free. The size and weight of the turntable, combined with its 3-rubber/air suspension mountings, decouple the unit from air-bourne, and floor/wall vibrations, feeding back from the listening environment. The isolation is further enhanced, by the aluminium used in the platter, and the special felt-like mat supporting the record. This latter item is essential, to cope with the standard, cross-sectional shape of the LP disc (which continually varies from hole to edge), and the tremendously high forces, and vibrations, injected into the disc by the stylus, in its attempt to follow the modulations of the groove.

Our experience has shown that the materials used in supporting a record, are audibly imposed over the reproduced image. Hence we have aimed to choose a dry (or dead) sound-Sstage, to attain the largest contrast between It, and the tonal colour of the music.
To drive the platter, we are utilizing a 24vac motor, coupled via a rubber belt of 3mm dia. Two grooves in the motor pulley, allow for 45 and 33⅓ rpm, simply adjusted by finger-tip pressure. The motor is driven by a separate, “mains adaptor” and is suspended within the chassis, by three vibration dampers. Power is controlled by a push button switch, located on the front, left hand side of the chassis.
Then, the whole unit is finished with a very practical, hinged, perspex dust cover.
The main aim of the Opus3-Opus3 Continuo, is to provide the highest possible retrieval from the disc, whilst using common construction techniques and aesthetics, thus maintaining a low cost to the discerning aficionado.
We hope that you will enjoy the experience.
For Opus3 / Rauna, by Joseph Peter Sheehan – PENTACONE (England)